Burning To Disc Direct From External HDD

Was a tad unsure where to put this but seen as its not a burning software issue, nor a media or drive issue but a general burning question so here seemed correct.

Any way, has any one burnt directly from an external hdd to an internal burner? is it safe to do or not advisable. Thing is I have some stuff on my external hdd that I want a backup of on dvd as well and I am unsure whether to burn direct from the hdd or copy the files to my internal hdd then to dvd.

My external is a seagate feeagent and when I first got it and tested is speed the read speed was around the 40-46MB sec. I will also be burner at x8.

It should work OK; I’m using an external writer (USB 2.0) and it works upto 12x. For best results don’t do anything else whilst burning.



I use my external almost all the time with no problems.
My external HDD is a Verbatim .
I usually only burn at 8x.I only do SL so far.
I also don’t multitask while doing the burn.
I haven’t tried the burned discs on a big screen TV either.
I still use a 27 inch CRT analog TV.
So try a single burn & see how it looks on your TV.
At worst you will have a new coaster if you don’t like the results.

It’s data on the external not movie footage. I’ll give it a bash see how it goes.

I write from my external HD to my external DVD writer @ 8X all the time. They’re both USB2, too!..