Burning to audio cd-r



I’m having trouble getting a good burn.

I’m using Verbatim Music Cd-r, maybe i’m missing something obvious (noob :slight_smile: ).

The first nine or so tracks of a nineteen track image are skipping and sounding shit.

I’m using a LITE-ON LDW-811s at 8x with EAC, also tried Nero and the same thing happened :confused:.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try to burn the disc TAO (track at once)


Thanks, i’ll try that now


Just checked TAO on google and my question is, why would I want use it?



You won’t :slight_smile:

Since TAO has many drawbacks, it isn’t not recommended in general.
Use SAO or rather DAO instead (Most likely, TAO wouldn’t solve your problem anyway).

Are you sure, that your extracted file (before writing) has full integrity?
If so, try to re-read the written disc again. Are there any differences to the original (c2 errors might occur)?

If that doesn’t help, try different media or speed (the or is not exclusive :))


I tried some other discs and had a successful burn. Looks like i’m going to be selling these verbatim music discs to a friend as my burner obviously dislikes them.

Thanks for the advice.


If you’re burning audio using CD burners attached to your COMPUTER, you do NOT need to use “audio” CDRs. A computer will burn audio to the less expensive data CDRs just fine. I do it all the time. The only difference between a data CDR and an audio CDR is the audio CDR has royalty money paid to the RIAA, which costs you more.

The only time you must use an audio CDR is with a dedicated audio CD burner, they will not burn to a data CDR. Don’t waste your money or give it to the greedy bastards at RIAA.