Burning to a dvd-r

I tried using the burning option that this program offers and it doesn’t detect my dvd-r that I put in. Is there any reason why it would do that? I am using Sony DVD-R’s.

Thank you to who ever can help.

EDIT: ok, I figured out whats happend,my computer isn’t reading the discs. Does anybody know why this is?

Maybe you have burner that supports only DVD+R ?
What brand and model is it?

Well, I am using dvd+r’s and I think the reason it wont detect it is because my driver wont detect dvdrs. It says dvd/cdr driver or what ever on on eof the places. Also, the brand of the discs are sony.

What brand and model is your BURNER?
Some burners are not accepting DVD+R, some are not accepting DVD-R.