Burning to 2 burners simultaneously........mucho problems, HELP!


I previously had an AOpen 24X and a Mitsumi 32X (16MB buffer) hooked up on two seperate IDE channels. My HD is hooked up to the RAID channel on my mobo. I was using Nero successfully to burn images (.nrg) to both recorders simultaneously. Of course, I was burning at 24X speed to try to keep them in sync. I’d finish both CD’s in about 4-5 minutes.

Well, I just bought 2 40X Cenedynes (Verbatim drives) and hooked them up, hoping to see an increase in speed. For some reason, I can’t finish a simultaneous burn w/ the matching recorders! It goes through the whole burn, and then crashes at the very end. One drive will power down, but the other’s burn-light will stay on. The only way I can finish a burn is to use Track-at-once, instead of DAO. Using TAO slows the burning time down to the 24X speeds I was burning at before. I even tried to burn at slower speeds w/ my 40X’s, but nothing :frowning:

Any hints?

I was thinking about flashing the two drives to Lite-On’s and seeing if anything changes.

edit I tried taking one 40X drive out and putting the 32X Mitsumi in, but it still won’t finish :frowning:

Well, I flashed the firmware to the VS02 (48X Lite-On), and it still won’t burn :frowning:

Can anyone help?

Originally posted by mattman
[B]Well, I flashed the firmware to the VS02 (48X Lite-On), and it still won’t burn :frowning:

Can anyone help? [/B]

I can, however, burn 660MB in 2:25 on one burner at a time! :eek:


I can go through a simulation burn fine at various speeds. However, when I try to do an actual burn it won’t finish…

Weird problem.

There is actually no simultaneously writing.
The data buffers will be sent through the ide channel first for the 1st burner , then for the 2nd.

I suggest trying Padus Discjuggler for using multiple recorders. Seems to be built more for it.

Try cd-mate!! www.cd-mate.com

I use it and have found it to be more stable for writing to multiple writers than Nero!