Burning then reburning parts of ISO - How?

Trying out Avast’s bootable antivirus CD (BART).

Problem: I want to be able to update the ISO every few days when new virus sigs become available.

This is what I’ve done so far:
Created a bootable CD from the Avast ISO, using Power2Go.
Check the disc - OK, it boots and does a virus check.
Download the latest sig file, (always the same name, ie 400.vps)
Used Power2Go to overwrite only that vps file.
Check the disc - OK, it boots and does a virus check.
Used Power2Go to overwrite the vps again - NO GO!
The prog no longer sees the previous session, so no overwrite possible.

OK, I can erase the Mitsubishi CDRW and start again, burning the complete ISO from scratch, but that doesn’t explain why Power2Go balks on the third session write.

Anyone have a clue on this? Or maybe I should use another app? I’ve tried Nero - if anything it was more frustrating than Power2Go.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you saved your last session on exit?
It is also possible that CD is full. It really does not overwrite the file like on hard drive, it will just add to next and direct to it on next read.
Sooner or later disc will get full and you have to do complete erase and start all over.

Thanks for your response CDuncle.

Maybe I didn’t get the save right.

Truth is, I’m not used to saving these sort of things.

In the past, whenever I’ve added to a compilation, using NTI CD\DVD, Nero, Power2Go etc etc, the burning program has recognized the previous session and opened up the disc without problems.

In fact, Power2Go did this the second time. But not the third :frowning:

The disc definitely isn’t full. The original Avast software is about 150MB and the updated signature files are around 13MB-14MB.

So after the second burn the data on the disc wouldn’t have exceeded approx. 170MB.

This thing happened to me couple of times, when I did not save project at the end of burn, using multisession type.
You can re burn disc if you have all original files, if not, use IsoBuster to retrieve what is on CD.