Burning the Movie

i want to burn a movie i fist use dvd decrypter then i use dvd2one to process is it when it finish i tried it out to see if it works and it does now i open record now max and put it in DATA mode then i open the VIDEO TS and it burn succefully but when i put it in my DVD playey and when it goes to minute 55 it freezes can it be software related.


If it plays ok in your DVD-ROM Drive, but not in your standalone player, it’s most likely to be the media you are using.

Try using a good Ritek disk, as these are far more compatible with a wide range of standalone’s.

no its not only on the on the stand alone player is on the computer too.

Sounds very much like a media issue.

Try again using a Ritek disk.

If it’s loading & palying ok in your standalone, but freezing, it’s unlikely to be software related.

What media are you using ?

im using khypermedia. should i switch to Ritek?

I am using Ritek03 and it does the trick, also you can try burning
with copytodvd in write dvd video mode.

what burner do you use?

im using a cendyne 105 i thougt that khypermedia was a good brand.

Originally posted by ferrari13
im using khypermedia. should i switch to Ritek?


I bought two identical-looking 10-packs of KHypermedia DVD-R disks at Office Max in January. One of the packs was OK, got good results. Every single one of the disks in the other pack was a coaster! Very undependable brand of media in my experience.