Burning taking too long---over 8 hours!

burnt my first DVD movie from scratch…as in i took various video files…put them on a dvd caus ei wanted them to play on a dvd player and not ONLY my computer like was happening before…had to make my own menus, chapters of the clips etc…that was simple

I used Nero Vision Express 3
the files were avi files…the files had to be transcoded apparently–that is what it said while it was burning…dont know if that is what cause it to take that long…

also…the 7 files i put on the dvd were 850 mb or so…but when i import them into the program…it showed it was over 4GB in size??
what is causing these 2 problems…the time to burn and size??


It takes this long because it has to transcode the video from .avi to .mpeg2, this does take a while, and before you ask about speeding up time, it is possible, but dont expect the quality to be as good as when you transcode at a lower speed. The burning time should only be 10-30 mins.

There’s no problem with the size as this is what happens when going from AVI to DVD movie format. The avi files have a codec which is basically video compression and a 700mb avi with compression could be up to 7gb without the compression codec.

is there a way to transcode the files separately…1 by 1…then burn the dvd after??

so my computer isnt tied upf or so long

Does your DVD player play AVI’s, mine does yours just might?

Well i had the same problem with nero vision.its not such a graet software afterall. While trying to transcode it just gave up. Three of my top quality dvd r are rendered useless coz of that. My question is, “Is it possible to use those dvd+r which were stopped, i mean the disc info shows that dvd has space, i am able to even write on it using nero, but with windows explorer it shows no files”

Now for the problem of nero vision, i’ll suggest u a very nice method. Get winavi 7.5, individually encode all the avi s to dvd format. u can use batch mode, but be sure to uncheck the ‘merge files’ option. Then u 'll have three seperate directories having three seperate movies. Use DVD-Shrink to compress them and burn and u’ll have all movies in the same dvd. its the fastest method by far.

not sure if my dvd player can play avi files…

how can i find that out? cause as i said b4…when i add the files to nero vision express 3 they are transcoded and this takes a long time

It will clearly state whether it is Divx capable.

to play avi files, divx would be clearly mentioned on the player