Burning SWF to DVD

Hi all,
I’ve just created a swf file using swish and I need it to play on my dvd player continously. How can I burn the swf to make it on a watchable dvd without losing quality? Also, what resolution would be best to create the swf file in so that it can be viewed in 16:9 format.

720x480 is typical DVD resolution.
Simply Google “SWF conversion” to find tools for that.

I suggest you try Any DVD Converter, I think the software is exactly what you are looking for, you can download it from http://www.any-dvd-converter.com

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Use Sothink Movie DVD Maker. It is a free converter.

I am in the same boat as “Sunny” creating swf file for a looping piece to play on a DVD continually… the SoThink DVD creator is free- but isn’t the SWF to video converter the one that woudl be required? (looks as if the swf converter for $79?) Trying to do this on VERY cheap.

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