Burning surface pattern



Hi guys!

I have some disks of a doubtful quality and the first thing that struck me was the pattern of the burning surface.
With Atachne’s help we described it as a moire pattern.

Basically it looks like a series of coocentric circles of 2-5mm thickness that have different shade of violet (2-3mm thick - purple violet, 5mm thick - more blue violet).

Is it something normal? I personally haven’t seen anything like it before, and only came across fully uniform one color clean surface (unles there were stains etc.).

Arachne mentioned that some quality media also can have something like this…
Im confused!


If this pattern only shows up after burning, this can happen if your drive (like LG, Optiarc, Samsung) does kind of WOPC - “walking” optimum power calibration during burn, and that would be perfectly normal.

If it is on UNBURNED discs though it’s strange.


The moire pattern, I’ve seen on both burned and unburned discs…whereas the rings I’ve seen have shown up on burned discs, as mentioned usually due to WOPC or the like. :slight_smile:


Ekhm… I think Ive figured this one out…
I had a look on in a different room, where the light was different and there was no stripes, no circles…
I looked at the small halogen 12W bulbs in the previous room and had a enlightenment :wink:


Hehehe :D…glad you worked out what it was with your discs. :slight_smile: