Burning "Successful" but then disk does not work

[qanda]This thread is about the HP 16X SATA SuperMulti LightScribe Drive. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’m not certain if this is a hardware or software or media issue. I have a VIDEO_TS folder that plays properly from the hard drive. That’s a non-issue. When I burn this to my DVD-R media the burning process completes successfully but then the media will not play in my computer or another computer. Here are the specs of everything I’m using:

HP Pavilion m7650n with 4 GB RAM and Windows Vista SP1
Lightscribe Burner (HL-DT-ST DRDRRW GSA-H30L in Device Manager)
Nero 8 Burning ROM
Lightscribe HP DVD-R 16X media (LDM00052XM made in Taiwan) (UPC: 6 37668 04024 8)

I don’t know if it’s bad media, a bad drive, a problem with the program or a combination of the three. During burning, my cache is doing fine and there are no apparent issues. I’ve been doing this stuff for about as long as CD burners have been around so I’m not a newb but I just don’t want to waste a ton of time figuring out the issue if somebody can give me an “A ha that media is no good” answer or something like that.

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It seems a typical bad media issue. HP is not exactly a good brand. Try again with a proven quality disc like Verbatim. This should solve :slight_smile:

If you are burning the HP disks at 16x, try a few burns at 8x. Usually 16x and higher results in lower quality burns.