Burning subtitles using vobsub/winavi/nero

I downloaded an .avi movie in a foreign language that had no subtitles…I searched out a site that had the subtitles for it and used the submux.exe feature of Vobsub to combine the .srt & .avi files into a new .avi file that synched them up perfectly…I can view the subs watching in Win mediaplayer, but when I convert it to DVD using Winavi video converter, then burn it with Nero, the subs don’t appear…I’m new @ this and can usually google my way around to an answer, but I’m lost on this one…appreciate any help! :slight_smile:

I use a program called ConvertXtoDVD by VSO, its very good in my opinion.
You basically add the video stream and then the subtitles and it encode to dvd, job done.
Hope that helps