Burning stuttering DL DVDs

Hello all.
I’m converting VHSs into DVDs. Used video capture device to produce an MPEG2 file. Then I used ULEAD MovieFactory version5 to author a movie. Highest quality video and audio setting with menu produced a 7.6GB ISO file. I burned it to DVD+R DL VERBATIM and MEMOREX disks using Nero6 on Liteon 1635S burner.

Everytime there would be areas where video would start stuttering and pixelize then freeze. Different disks - different spots but always same place on the disk.

What a man to do? I have no idea where to start troublesshooting this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi & welcome to CD Freaks.

I would suggest that it’s pointless using DL media for VHS tape conversions.

The quality of the recordings is nowhere near that of DVDs and an SL disk can hold 2 1/2 hours of video at better than VHS quality.

It would be a good idea to do a disc quality scan on your 1635S using Nero’s CD-DVD Speed (at 8x) and post the result back here. Then we can get a clearer idea of the problem.

BTW steer clear of Memorex media. Currently Verbatim is the only acceptable DL media.

Does the ISO you’ve made play correctly in your computer? Mount it in the latest version of Daemon Tools, then play with any media player capable of playing dvds—PowerDVD, WinDVD, VLC, etc.

If there are no problems with the file, the next step would be to take the Memorex disks back where you bought them and demand your money back. That or turn them into pretty ornaments or drink coasters. That is all they are good for. The Verbatims are what you want.

Next, try burning the ISO with ImgBurn.

Oh, and I agree with TimC that your dvd has been slightly incorrectly encoded. You can match the quality of the VHS tapes with a much smaller bitrate.

[B]Imgburn[/B] is the only tool that can be recommended for burning especially DL media.

Forget Nero.

Thank you, I understood about overkilling VHS w DVD quality. I am not sure I follow:
" … mount it in the latest version of Daemon Tools…"

Is Imgburn preffered over Nero6 (I didn’t look for it yet - where can I find it?)

Thank you very much fow quick responses. I hope I can contribute back.

Daemon Tools is a virtual cd drive. You can take a cd or dvd .iso on your HD and make it play as though in an actual cd drive. you can get it Here It’s a free program. Imgburn is Here It’s also free. What makes Imgburn better than Nero is it handles the layer break or when the laser switches to the second layer on a DL disc. If you’re in the mood to experiment one day this is how i burn DL discs. It looks a lot more technical than it is but my burns don’t fail. I use it when backing up my movies.

Good morning.
OK, I tried Daemon Tools - The ISO file is good, no pixels, no stuttering. Very cool software - like it a lot.
I’ve got a question about CD-DVD Speed. It’s been running overnight and still hadn’t finished - is this normal?
:eek: I am at work and I allowed it to run, so don’t know when and if it finishes…
Is there a good reading for a noobe like me (besides scanning hundreds of threads like this)?
Thank you.

It is not normal for CD-DVD Speed to run that long. Should only take a few minutes to run a quality scan. Something is screwed up.

Start again, this time run the benchmark test. If it doesn’t hang up, you should get a graph showing how readable the disk is. You can save it by clicking what looks like a floppy icon at the top of CD Speed, then post the image here. Don’t use quck reply, go advanced, manage attachments and attach the image to your post. You can also try to run the quality test again and post that image if you like. We should be able to tell you how good your disk is from those tests, but really, if it is hanging up I doubt it is worth diddly squat.

Have you tried burning the ISO to one of your Verbatim disks using ImgBurn yet?

Good reading recomendations—hmmm, depends on what exactly you’re trying to get more information about. Lots of subjects are covered here at cdfreaks, and there are tutorials in certain forums. And there are other good sites that cover video issues, like www.videohelp.com and www.doom9.org

Everytime there would be areas where video would start stuttering and pixelize then freeze. Different disks - different spots but always same place on the disk.

If the freezing is happening right in the middle of the burn then it is probably is an issue with the layer break. If you haven’t tried it yet use Imgburn to burn to a Verbatim disc as Kerry56 said.

Ok, here I go. I got the test finished, on memorex, just 'cause I still have and don’t have Verbatims yet. I got the message though - I won’t use anything other than Verbatim for actual movie burning. Please, see the attachment. Thank you very much.

Looking at the quality scan, you do have a fairly nasty spike at the layer break, but you have an even worse one near the 5gb mark. This is not a good result, though you’ve probably already figured that out.

By the way, since you have a Lite-on burner, you’ll probably want to start using a program called K-Probe to test your dvds and cds. Here is the link: http://www.k-probe.com/
Look through some of the blank media tests in the Blank Media forum and you’ll get an idea of what good test results look like with each type of tool.

Most of us around here don’t test all our burns all the time, but collectively we’ve built up a good idea of which media is good for the different brands of burners. As a general rule when using single layer media, the best disks are made by Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi (Verbatim). On dual layer disks, the only ones I would trust are the Verbatims, since TY doesn’t make dual layer +R disks.

Good luck on burning your movie.

Wow - Kerry56, you are quick at replying! Thank you very much. I feel a lot more confident about it now. I will post my final results (hopefuly good ones).
Thank you.

Lesson is, other DL media than Verbatim is crap.