Burning.. Stuck :(

I have just downloaded FFVII for the PC… When I opened it, inside it has 4 folders, and a WinRAR file.

In Each of the folders, labelled;

Final Fantasy VII CD1
Final Fantasy VII CD2
Final Fantasy VII CD3
Final Fantasy VII CD4

there is;
Final Fantasy 7 Disc 1/2/3 - Play.img
Final Fantasy 7 Disc 1/2/3 - Play.ccd
Final Fantasy 7 Disc 1/2/3 - Play.cue &
Final Fantasy 7 Disc 1/2/3 - Play.sub

In each of the folders… and in folder 4 they read;
Final Fantasy 7 Disc 4 - Install.img
Final Fantasy 7 Disc 4 - Install.ccd
Final Fantasy 7 Disc 4 - Install.cue
Final Fantasy 7 Disc 4 - Install.sub

In the WinRAR is the patch to play it on XP.

The .img files open in PaintShopPro 8, and the other files wont open…

I have burnt them to a disc, and nothing happened. I the read an article, saying just to burn the CCD file.

So I did this, and then, when i played the CD, all I got was the movie files, no game play, So I figured i’ve got to burn the .img, .sub & . cue files to the disc aswell… this is where I get stuck, I’ve aleady done this (using NERO) and im stuck to why I need CloneCD… I need to know how to do it so i dont waste anymore CD’s.

Please can someone help me… :bow:


This site is a warez-free zone. If you’d actually read the rules before clicking to agree joining, you’d have realised this. Otherwise, welcome to the forum. When you want to backup something that you actually own, let us know :cop: