Burning Strong PVR files

I have a Strong SRT4990 which creates .AVR and .AVF files, and I want to burn to media on my PC via a USB connection, is it able to be done and by what software? I have tried to do it with ConvertXtoDVD cannot do it, any ideas please?

You are in Australia correct? You might want to inquire at www.dtvforum.info

You are correct and I will do, thank you

A friend told me about this site, hopefully someone can help me:). I have a dell dimension E310 about 3 years old. Didn’t use it for about a year of that time. I have windows XP. When I try to burn music or pictures onto a CD I keep getting a message telling me to insert a blank disc which is already inserted. I have burned 1 pic CD and about 7-10 music discs about a year and half ago with no problem and I’m using the same blank CDs as before. I cleaned the CD burner and it still doesn’t seem to recognize the blank disc. It will still play CDs and DVDs. I had Uninstalled something called sonic something, cause ever time I logged on a error for it would come up, (I let someone use my comp. once and ever since I had gotten that error). I wouldn’t think my burner is broke since I have hardley ever used it. Any thoughts?..Anyone?

acaligirl, you may need to delete the upper an lower filters for the drive.

Look at this guide from Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/EN-US/

If this doesn’t help, start a new thread in the Newbie Forum and give this information again. I’m not sure your problem will be noticed here at the tail end of someone else’s thread, and others besides myself may have more answers for you there.

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