Burning straight from rars/zips



I recently bought a new dvd burner (lite-on sohw-16735 8.5 gig), and I was
wanting to back up some stuff on my drive, I ran a cd/dvd mastering program
(actually, I ran several), selected my data, and told the program(s) to create
a iso file that would fill up a 4.7 gig dvd. The problem now is that I’m running
fat32, and that stops at 4GB, I considered converting my entire drive over
to ntfs with convert, but I have quite a bit of older legacy code/programs that
will probably stop running if I convert over, worse yet if I convert, and decide
I want to go back, I’ll probably have to format my disk, so converting to ntfs
is not really a option for me.
So, since I can’t create/extract any dvd image files over 4GB, I was wondering if
a dvd burning program existed that would extract straight from rars/zips
bypassing the hard drive completly and burn straight to the dvd burner, this
would alleviate the 4GB file size problem completly. I’ve tried nearly all of the
burning programs I’ve already got on my system, they all want to create a
image file on the hard drive first, numerous google searches didn’t help much,
does anyone here know of a program to extract from rars/zips and burn to
the dvd while extracting? (or know how to ‘hack’ fat32 to allow over 4GB



Why don’t you make an extra partition in NTFS and put your big files there?
That would solve your problem.

And converting with partition magic from FAT32 to NTFS and back workes withoud any problem with no data lost.


I eventually caved in and created a 6GB ntfs partition on my secondary drive,
the biggest problem was clearing enough stuff off of my drive to make room,
everything works now, it was just a lot of work to get that partition made
(which is what I was trying to avoid). Thanks for the reply!