Burning split movie

I have used dvdfab for a few years and really like it. However I have not tried burning split movies for quite awhile. I have a 6 month old HP desktop and am using dvdfab free version. I split one of my very favorite movies (LOTR) and tried to burn. It burnt the first half of the movie on both disks. I have tried it a couple of times and it does the same thing. Am I just being blind or is there a step that I am leaving out? Please help me.

Thanks in advance

Carefully look at all the checkmarks that show which title goes on which disc to make sure the correct one is being split. I have not tried this mode with v6. You should also update to v6.0.2.2. You can split it manually using Customize Split if the automatic split is not to your liking or is not working correctly for a certain movie. I have LOTR somewhere and will try it if I can find it.

Well, I tried this and it worked OK on LOTR/Fellowship of the Ring. Your split setup screen should look like the attached. The progress bar only went to 50% for some reason, so there are some problems with Split mode, but all the files were there and played fine. Note that I wrote this to folders on my hard drive, not a disc, which may be another variable that would cause you to get the same content on two discs. Try writing to folders as I did (they will be named DISC1 and DISC2) and burn them individually using Write Data mode.

well i finally got it to work. didnt come out quite how i wanted, but the job is done and right now that is all that matters. I do appreciate your help. I was able to take part of what you advised and then fumbled around a bit more and got it all on separate discs.
thanks a lot

Glad you got it to work. I don’t use that mode very much. I do use Customize Split sometimes for TV episode discs. Good luck. :slight_smile: