Burning Speeds

hello everyone just wanted to drop a quick question. when i burn my videos/dvds is it better to burn at a lower speed or a higher speed. When i say better i mean does burning at a certain speed change the quality of the movie any. i have a pioneer dvr-x122 i burn with imgburn and have it set to auto. so i was just wondering if i take my time burning the dvd at a slower rate will the quality be any better. thanks again i love this site and all the helpful people here. :bow:

The general consensus of opinion is that you get fewer errors by not burning at maximum speed. Most of us have settled on 8x or 12x for 16x media, depending on the quality of the disks. Better quality, like MCC0004 Verbatim, can normally be burned at 12x. I personally tend to use 8x for all my single layer dvd burns.

There are certain types of 8x media, like Taiyo Yuden T02 +R 8x, or Verbatim 8x that can be burned at their rated speed with no ill effects.

:iagree: Agree with the solid advice from Kerry56