Burning speeds?

I see all the time people talking about burning at half the speed of the disc / burner whats that all about?

I have a 20X burner (liteon) and I use the Sony 16X dvd-r (which allow you to burn at 20X even tho they claim 16x) I burn EVERYTHING at 20X and have NEVER EVER had an issue I must have burned over 1000 movies out of my ever growing collection with no issues, is there something im missing? I have a few GREAT quality TV’s and never noticed any bad quality. im just wondering why everyone says it?

Most of the time, with the newer drives it doesn’t come into play anymore, but it was just a guideline for people who were having trouble with the way their burns turned out. You would burn at half the rated speed of the disc, take for example your Sony 16X Dvd-R, you would burn those @8X. You could try a scan comparison between a 20X burn & an 8X burn to see if there is any difference for you, maybe even try one @12X.

I follow ya, got it now thanks alot.