Burning speeds

I’m getting a new dvd burner Samsung SH-S182m that I mentioned in another thread about media…anyway…I am using an older PIII 1Ghz with 512mb
I am unable to get a new PC right now, so I just opted to replace my current hard drive that’s failing and get a dvd burner to replace my dead dvd rom drive…
I wanted to know of any tip and tweaks to be able to burn faster…I would like to burn quality dvds, but not sure how the quality will be because of my slower processor…any suggestions on speed tweaks?

You should be OK with that spec for 12x burning which is a safe speed with 16x media. I rarely burn at 16x or above , preferring 12x.

Use quality 80wire IDE cables & don’t have the burner on the same cable/channel as the HDD. And keep the HDD regularly defragged.

what speeds for cd burning? also the burner is gonna be my primary cd drive…I also have an older 8x sony cd burner as my primary slave…here’s the setup…160gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 hard drive (new and getting it in a few days) as primary master this drive I am using will be the slave, mainly to drag data from it on the new drive…Samsung dvd burner secondary master and the old drive the 2nd slave…also have a floppy hooked up…so I should have it on a different channel/cable and if so how would I do that for this setup?

I’d probably go with the following:-

Primary master - 160GB Seagate
Primary Slave - Sony CD burner

Secondary master - Samsung Burner
Secondary slave - old HDD

The old Sony burner might still be good for CD burning at slow speeds.

Generally it’s suggested here that Audio CDs are best at 16x & data CDs at 24x max.

Use quality media though & the easiest to obtain is Verbatim I guess.

I’m using an SH-S182D on a very similar computer (Celeron 1 GHz, 384MB RAM, 250 GB Seagate 7200.10) and 12x burning seems to me a bit too much for this configuration (drive buffer level is dropping to 5-10%). But 8x speed burning works without any problems.

I’d take this as a better recommendation for speed than my guess as this comes from practical experience.

I might not even use the old HDD has a slave since it has been giving me trouble for a while and my instincts say to backup on dvd r when I get my new burner than once everything is backed up I need, then install the new HDD …thanks guys for the help…