Burning speeds on fly

Hi Guys .
Im using a lite-onit dvdrw, and lite-onit dvdrom, and trying to copy dvds "on the fly."to get them done quicker.
they are working but im only getting the option to write a 1x speed. (rw is a 8x model !)
If i open nero 6 without media in it gives option to write at 4.3 ,x but as soon as i put a blank in ,it drops to 1x.
Ive tried two diff types of discs , one of them being (datawrite 4x red),
but still makes no difference
Any help would be appreciated


It sounds as if the only write strategy your DVD-RW drive offers for the inserted media might be 1x.

Do you see higher speeds offered when you’re not trying to copy “on the fly”?