Burning Speed

I had the problem earlier with speed of reading and writing. I uninstalled the IDE channels and the read time shot down massively. The write time went down too, but the write time is still at 20 minutes when it was at 8 minutes. I didn’t know if this was a fixable or common thing. Thanks for any suggestions or help. You guys were right on last time.

OK. And what does AnyDVD have to do with all that ?

All my problems with my burner started after upgrading anydvd to or whatever that version was. Before the upgrade everything was running super smooth.

The latest is ( check SlySoft or this forum ).
You sure your drive is running in DMA mode, not PIO ?
The same AnyDVD Filter Driver v. is running smoothly on my system, just like any other former versions.
Reinstall your current version of AnyDVD ( in case if the mentioned driver is corrupt somehow )
or simply downgrade it to
Unfortunately, the current build was unnecessary for many of us,
unless you’re Japanese, Norwegian or a “Wretslemania” fan. :wink:

It is very well possible, that there are other titles having a similar mastering error / copy protection. (Nobody knows, if these mastering errors are made accidently or intentional…???)
Fixing one title known to the maker of an application to have problems, can possibly fix many other not known titles as well.
(For those who don’t k now: Wrestlemania seems to have a similar protection like e.g., German “The Missing” rental version)