Burning speed

I do a yearly DVD on our classes activities. It was a full 4 GB worth last year and I was able, from an iso file, to burn each disk (I need to do 80) in about 7 to 8 minutes which I felt was in line with 16x. This year , when I burn the same amount, it takes about 32 minutes, which is only 3x. I have a Plextor 716a and 16x DVD-r disks and use Roxio Creator 8. I’ve used Plextor professional also with the same results. I notice when I do crtl alt delete that there is a large number of “processes listed” however the cpu is only at 3%. Can anyone suggest what could down down the copy so much? Thanks, Tom

Welcome to CD Freaks Tom.

Slow burning is usually down to 2 things.

Firstly DMA not being enabled properly, which I suspect is not the case as the CPU load is very low. Running in PIO mode tends to push the CPU load right up.

Secondly , and probably the cause here, that the burner’s firmware doesn’t recognise the media & so burns at a slow default setting - typically 4x.

I’d guess that you’re using different media than last year so what media have you got this time? Nero’s CD/DVD Speed using the disk info tab will give the Media ID & the burn speeds available.

Being a Video DVD to keep class memories, I wouldn’t be looking at high burning speeds and would get the best possible media quality.
I understand some people may not agree on that, but I also saw some other people sharing this opinion.
In your case and even if you are not not looking for a low speed, I’d use Plextools Professional and ask it to find the best speed for the used media - and this uses to be much lower that the maximum nominal speed indicated by the disc’s manufacturer.
Nevertheless, the x3 you get seems too low, and you can follow TimC’s advice to try to find the causes.

This is Tom again. I outputted the files from Roxio as mpeg-2 “better quality”. I figured the higher quality would take more space but it all fit on one disk about 4.3 gb worth. I can’t remember what the files were when I previously burned at near 16x. What I don’t understand - Is it not all digital data, ie all numbers? Or does it go on disk as analog? I wish I could try Nero, but the last time I had Nero and Roxio both loaded I rec’d all kinds of interference problems. Because I made these with Roxio I’m very reluctant to uninstall it. Is Nero better?

The problem with Nero & Roxio on the same system is generally down to Roxio’s DragToDisk (DirectCD as was) and Nero’s InCD both being installed.

I’ve run for years with both application suites installed without any problems whatsoever but then I’ve never installed Nero’s InCD - which can be a source of many problems.

However, this really has nothing to do with the problem of slow burning and I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make/raise.

dum dum Tom again - I used Plextor Professional made a couple wild a-- changes and burned the disk in about 7 minutes, reported speed was 12x. Checked the disk quality and it looked fine. I was elated. Guess what I can’t duplicate whatever I did. About ready to take the gas pipe. Stupid is, stupid does.

The 7 minutes burning time you getting for 12X is about average just follow the advised given to you by TimC and repeat the 7 minutes burning time with 12X then you are OK.