Burning Speed

Firsto of all… I’d like to scream Hallo everybody in this Wonderful Forum!

As You can see i’m a newbie here… but i’ve already tried to search the answer to my question without results…

The problem is: in my pc (amd64, 1Gb ram, msi Mboard, 120Gb Maxtor,…,Plextor PX-708A, and a DVDRW IDE 16x [seems to be withoput brand, but a 16x Dual Layer] ), i’m not able to burn over than 2.4 speed (speed seen in Alcohol and Nero too), in windows2000! Tried with many dvd brands (DAtawrite 16x, TiTek 16x[they seem to be Taiyo Juden], Tdk 8x), but i’ve burned a 4.5Gb dvd in 22mins with Win2000 SP4…
With XP SP2(same hardware, but different hard harddisk[with same size]) the burning speed has raised, and it has burned the same dvd size in ca. 10mins…

CAn someone please help me?
Thanx in advance,


Welcome. Usually slow burning is related to DMA settings. If it were my machine I would stick with XP as it works, but you should check out DMA settings here:


You’re GREAT!

Thanx for the fast reply, and for the winning solution! I was supposing to already have this option enabled, but w2k was not 100% correctly set-up…
After the correct modification the sstem is running as it should… and now i can burn 16x… I’s wonderful!

Thanx again for Your helpful hints!


Glad it was so easy. You already did most of the work. :slight_smile: