Burning speed suddenly slowed in Beta

I have a Dell Inspiron with internal OEM DVD burner by Sony. I am using the 30-day free trial of the beta version of DVDfab It burned a number of discs in approximately 20 minutes each. All of a sudden, it is now taking an hour and a half to burn each disc. I have consistently been using Memorex DVD + R discs. I have checked that the Direct Memory Access (DMA) is enabled. I have checked for updated firmware for the burner, but none is available. Ths computer was purchased in late 2006. I have disabled the virus protection in case that was interfering. Any suggestions? I am not terribly technical, so if you have suggestions, I would appreciate clear instructions as to how to effectuate the fix. Thanks.

Just open the options in Fab and reset your DMA Mode.:wink:

yep that should do. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. That solved the problem