Burning speed problem

I have a Yamaha CRW3200E whichs is a 24x10x40 drive

I use Nero to burn my CDs

my prob is tht I’m not able to write at maximum speed, I tried different types of CDs, but none work and all r supposed 2 be guaranteed.

When I choose 24x as burning speed, when it starts burning it changes it to 16x !

I tried searching through the forums but couldn’t find the forum tht explains this. I searched the net as well.

So if it won’t be a headache, plz tell me wht to do.

Are your harddisks fast enough ?

Did ya try the disk througput tester in the Nero Preferences setup ?

And if so , tell us the numbers of throughput/second.

Do you also use media that is CERTIFIED to 24 speed ?