Burning speed problem

Hey guys,

I have a Toshiba SD-R5002 dvd burner that should burn on 2x. However, burning a dvd always takes around an hour and sometimes even longer. A 2x should burn a DVD in around 25 minutes shouldnt it? I have the latest firmware installed and DMA is also enabled on both the IDE channels. Anyone know what’s wrong?


Then you should try better/recommended media.

Visit http://www.videohelp.com/dvdwriters.php?DVDnameid=57 for results!

I already use one of the best that is on that list :frowning:

Exactly what steps are you taking, what is your source, system specs., etc…

A client had a Maddog that was a Toshiba SD-5112. The only media he could burn at 4x was Ritek go4 and a Fuji Film forget the code. Every thing else he tried 1x. Your burner a 2002 model is old and out dated. If finances would allow I would retire the Toshiba and replace it with a new dual layer around $45.00.
It might be the media you are using lowest speed is 4x and it will then default to 1x, the client’s did.
The recommended media for your burner is not available anymore. Thats what my client did replace the drive.

This sounds about right to me.

Trouble is that with a writer that’ll only burn at 2x finding media that it’ll burn successfully is going to become increasingly more difficult. At least with modern 16x burners media shouldn’t be a problem for quite a while.

Understandable, and I was afraid that would be the problem indeed. I’m from Holland myself, and I’m not really good at anything that has to do with hardware. What burner would you advise me? My top price would be around €50 which is around $60.