Burning speed at 16x on 1633S(and several other drives)?

I ask how long it takes to burn a DVD with this drive i mean i looked at several tests and im not impressed or very satisfied with the speed i mean 1minute faster then a 832S ???
Is that really that great ?

My Nec 3500 tends to take about 9.5 minutes to burn a full DVD at 8x. The Liteon 1213@1633 takes a little less time, but not much.

By contrast, the fastest times that I have seen reported for 16x burning are a hair under 6 minutes. Best case scenario, you might save 3 to 3.5 minutes. The change from 1x to 2x was much more important, and then 2x to 4x (15 minutes seemed like no time at all, didn’t it?), and now 8x at 8 or 9 minutes feels quite speedy to me.

Heck, my first cd burner cost over $600, and took 37 minutes to burn a cd at 2x.

8x full disc burn on my 1213S@1633S takes approx 8:30 for a TY T01 +R disc burned at 8x using the T02 strat. 8x full disc burn on my 1213S@1633S takes approx 8:15 for a TY T02 +R disc using the T02 strat. The 15 second differential is fairly consistent, and the savings from using the true T02 media comes from a shorter lead-in time, it would seem (probably because there is less embedded strat info on the T01 disc so the drive does more calibrations in lead-in).

16x burn times on the 1633S have varied a lot, strangely. I’ve seen burn times around 5:30 and burn times around 6:30. I think most (all?) of it has to do with the lead-in differential.

Hmm ok 3mins less in the best scenario is no reason to buy a new drive isnt it ?
i thought maybe i can upgrade my 832S and buy a new 1633S but im not sure.
Is it worth it or should i stay with my drive (im really satisfied with it )

The 832S is a fine drive, so I’d stick with it, unless you really like being on the bleeding edge. Plus, 12x/16x burning can be a pain; The time I spent constantly defragging my 7200 RPM, 8 MB cache HDD just so that it could keep up w/ 12x/16x burns is nowhere near the time savings. If I were you, I’d wait to hear more about the 1653S and if the current 3S is upgradeable to that (I have my doubts about this one, though).

Hmm if it is that tough i should wait maybe a little longer.

is there any chance that the 1x53S series will be upgradable to 1x34S series (something like 451/851s to 832s)?


I’ve got the 1633S with Nero burning software.
With 4x burning speed it tooks me 15min to burn a full DVD.
Burning 8x I have never tried…

Does anybody know how I can burn 4x discs with higher speed?
Nero always sets the maximum burning speed equals to the disc speed.


Have you looked around this forum at all? One word: Omnipatcher.

First, there will be not 4S. The superstitious Taiwanese skip 4 and go to 5. Second, there is no way for us to tell, since the 5 series, I believe, is still in the planning stages. We don’t even know much about the 53S.