Burning sony playstation cd's

i am having trouble burning sony playstation games, if anyone can help me that would be great, i burn a cd, and all i get is the music for the game, but not the game it self, what i am i doing wrong, is there a better burning program i can use that will burn the cd’s , i am have the clonecd demo, but got the easy cd creator4 directcd 3 that came with my burner, i have a sony burner cdr-cd-rw,

You already say it your self u use easy cd creator :frowning:
You can only copy certain games with it the rest dont work.
To make good copys use Nero,Cdrwin and you use clone cd with that it normaly should work to(i dont have any experiance with clone cd)

Now my other question is the psx where you want to play the games on modded with a mod chip?? other wise the games dont work either because they need the mod chip.

You should use clone cd and cloney xl. All of which can be downloaded form www.megagames.com. Then get the crack for clone cd form www.cracks.am Load up cloneyxl and click scan, it will fonds any protection on that cd, then click clone cd and it will send the settings needed to copy that cd to clone cd. Follow the process to copy the cd making sure you dont change any settings.

Also make sure you use decent discs, not crappy blank ones as they dont work to well for psx games.


There is a whole FAQ on cdfreaks what explains how to copy psx etc


Your PSX has to be Chipped to play backups!!!