Burning SONY and TYG02 DVD+R's @ 16X on NEC 3500

Just curious if others are having any fall out (not playable) on DVD+R’s (rated at 8X) being burned at 16X with the NEC 3500 (Maddog 2FA firmware).

I’ve had about a 20% failure rate on discs burned at 16X.


TYG02’s are 8x -R media and usually burn at 12x in both my 3500’s with zero coasters-

I have had some burning issues with 8x +R’s in both the 3500’s - especially Prodisc 8x R03’s (all coasters)-

Sounds like you may have a system confilit - like a defragmentation problem - not enough RAM - running antivirus while burning - or maybe a bad batch of discs-