Burning songs on CD

I have a problem with burning mp3s to a CD.

I want to make a compilation of the songs I want.

And when I use nero, 3 out of 10 songs just cut suddenly.
Even though I know its the full song.

This happens when I burn with nero, I was using musicmatch but it dont work now.

I have win98 se and sony CDRW 24x.

Take note I’ve never burned audio with this new sony drive, and I just dont wanna waste a disc with half a song on it.

Anybody know how to fix this? or know whats going on?


…I’m having similar problems. I too have a 40x24x10 sony drive, using Nero…my songs don’t cut out but some of them are all distorted. Converting an mp3 to a wav manually then playing it in winamp or even the Nero editor sounds fine, but dropping it into the burnlist (as either mp3 or .wav) and hitting play results in a load of distortion on top, and that’s what I get when I burn…Only happens to some mp3s, but the same ones consistently. III can’t figure this out…

If anyone solves your problem or you figure it out…lemme know, might be similar. See if your files are cut short as soon as you move them to the burn list by hitting Play once they’re in there. Then you know it’s not an actual BURN problem at least…