Burning Software


I have some video files on “my videos” on my laptop, these were downloaded firstly as AVI files and then after processing them into movies on movie maker they are now WMV Files.

I am trying to burn these to DVD disks, my driver on my laptop is a “DVD/CD -RW”, so i bought some blank “DVD-RW” DVD’s to copy, but when i insert to copy, they are ejected and i get a message saying “insert a writable disk”. The software i am sure is Roxio, as in my videos file there is a button saying “burn” with a Roxio symbol.

How do i get these burned to a disk? Is it the disks or is it the video format?

Please help



can you tell us the exact name of your DVD/CD-RW drive, right click on the drive in windows explorer, select properties and the Hardware tab. There you should find the information. If you are not sure then please post a screen shot of that window.

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WHAT is the idea from downloading obscure avi files first, then converting them to WMV and then converting them into DVD Videoformat??