Burning Software

I use 1clickdvdcopy Pro and DVD43 which I like. While reading differing opinions about burning software programs, I was wondering about trying the trial versions of some other programs in case I liked them better. But, not sure if by doing this it would interfere with what I have now or cause problems.
I have Vista and just an average burner I believe and am curiousā€¦thanks so much.
Angie :smiley:

CloneDVD2, DVDNextCopy, DVDFab, should not cause you any problems. I for one will not use DVD43 so I can not say for sure if having it installed will or will not cause you any problems.

You might want to uninstall DVD43 for now and give AnyDVD a trial run; AnyDVD will work with most programs except FAB. but you can disable AnyDVD when you trail DVDFab.

Good luck and happy hunting for that perfect program.

Thanks Kipper, you are very nice and helpful. :slight_smile: