Burning software.?



Whats the best software for burning audio CD’s
I have nero, is there anthing else thats better.?


I prefer Feurio, which is more reliable and complete, but more difficult.

If you’re only going to make CD copies, Nero is good enough.
If you like to burn compilations, Feurio is better (only WAV and MP3 format).


Feurio has a good reputation, but personally I never understood how to use it and I stuck with nero, for both copying and mp3 -> audio cd burning.

It’s pretty solid, and you can use express to do some of the donkey work.You are best off giving feurio a try - http://www.feurio.com/English/index.shtml


feurio! is the one


I used to like Roxio ECDC6 but when i got my pio 108 it would only let me burn at 1x/2x so binned it and now use Nero 6.

Never tried Feurio.


CDRWin is okay for burning audio from mp3s, I prefer it to Nero because there seem to be a lot of unnecessary button clicks and delays from first loading the program to completing a recording. I am not the most patient of computer users though so this doesn’t bother most people.