Burning software with shell extension for Windows?

Hello, I’m looking for a software for windows 7 64 Bits that has support for shell extension, I mean: In a folder, right click in the files I want to burn, and select an option to burn them directly (asking before the speed and the label name).

I’ve found two software that do this: VSO CopyTo, which has bugs and doesn’t work properly, and One-Click CD DVD Writer, which works fine but hasn’t been updated for ages.

Do you know any other software with this ability for buying it?

Thank you:)

You can do something similar to what you describe using the built-in recording function in Windows 7. You select files, and in the Send To submenu of the right-click menu you choose your burning drive. When you have selected all your desired files and ‘sent’ them to your burning drive, you go to the burning drive in Windows Explorer and ask it to perform the actual burning.

This may not result in the fastest burn, but it works and is free.

(This is all from memory, since I’m currently on a Windows XP computer rather than a Windows 7 computer).

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EDIT: Here’s Microsoft’s explanation on how to do it:


Thank you Drage Mester for your reply.:iagree:

To be honest I don’t like Windows burning feature :o that’s why I preffer a proffesional software for it. I don’t care if it is free or paidware.

If somebody knows any software that has what I want please let me know:flower:

Thanks for your effort Drage M.


ImgBurn does this with image files

ImgBurn is very good for many things. I do prefer Nero over Windows because it supports proper track ordering, like for audio cd.

Ashampoo has program that many seem to like.