Burning Software which shows real writing speed (except Nero)?



In the past I tried many Freeware/Trials to find a software which shows actual write speed.

I know my old Nero can do that, also CloneCD.

But does an other software exist which can do this also? Mostly for Data-DVD/BD-R


My old copy of Prassi O.N.E.S. shows the actual writing speed; however it does not know about BD-R.


And I guess Prassi don´t exist anymore ^^

Some older burn software also need special drivers to work, ASPI.


Prassi still works for me (for supported media) on Win10 without any additional drivers, on both SATA and external USB devices. I still use it occasionally because of lack of bloat, and powerful options despite being very compact. The project was abandoned long ago; but copies are still floating around.

A similar duo of compact packages (Complex Evolution and Jetbee) exists but i’m not sure about how they report recording throughput on the fly.


I downloaded a trial of it which was expired directly after installation. I clicked the link to buy it and came to an non-existing page

So I guess Prassi is out of business


ImgBurn can do what you want and is free, but whether it’s advanced enough for your needs is another matter.