Burning Software that works with vista?

Software that works with Windows Vista?

CD Freaks advices:

[li] Nero
[/li][li] EasyMediaCreator
[/li][li] CopyToDVD


Does anyone out there know of any burning software that actually works with windows vista?

What have you tried? (Did not know windows visita was released)

using windows vista beta 2 build 5231. Have tried Nero 7 Ultra hangs system at install. Have tried roxio 8.0 installs and has limited functionality, update to 8.05 causes major problems. Good news is that some other progs work dvdshrink etc.

Haven’t tried nero 6 yet may try it kinda gun shy still trying to work out bug from nero 7 install.

good news nero 6.6 seems to be working too.

I wonder want works on Vista 5308 not Nero 7.054 would not like to try 6.6

I’m using gear pro 7 from gear software. It installs and burn discs without any problems under Windows Vista.

I have no problems burning Single Layer DVDs with Nero 6, only thing is that the Double Layers fail when trying to burn the second layer, it gives me a write error when trying to init the burner. DVD decrypter also works flawlessly without and compatability modes.

Anyone have any luck with burning DVD-DL in Vista 5308?

Ok I have Vista RC-1 in my computer & so far the only problem I have is with Sonic MyDVD is that the Sonic DLA drive is not compatible. Is there any other burning program that is fully compatible or at least the drives with vista rc-1?

Try Imgburn.
i Think LUK said that it works in vista.

Isn’t this advertising?
Anyway, the website pictures are nice - the CD-R with the blueish hub is a very old Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R, from something like ten years ago. :iagree:

Just put on Gear pro 7 & burnt a successfull DVD with no hassles

Thanks :clap: yoghurtbreaker :clap: