Burning software that can run from command prompt

I have a Lite-On LTR-52246S and Windows XP Home Edition. I want to find a burning program that can erase and burn discs from the command prompt. Here’s what I want to do: I want to set up a .bat file that will erase and burn onto a CD-RW disc for “cycles” of burns for tests. Is there any software that can do what I am looking for?

cdrtools (freeware!)

What you want to do would come down to something like this (assuming that 1,1,0 is your burner):

cdrecord -dev=1,1,0 -blank=fast

create image file: mkisofs -iso-level 4 -V <disc_name> -o <img_file> <source directory>
burn image file: cdrecord -dev=1,1,0 -vv -speed=<speed> <img_file>

you can add the -raw96r option to burn in RAW-DAO mode.

BTW, you can have file names of up to 207 characters (but unfortunately no special chars, such as accents or umlauts)

Alcohol 120% does have a command line tool too.