Burning Software That Can Buffer Whole CD in RAM

Is there a burning program that will let you buffer the whole CD into RAM? I’m trying to burn several copies of a CD using multiple burners and this would really help. Thanks!

edit: I need this for windows, I don’t have the time or the desire to learn how to use Linux :frowning:

I don’t know about buffering in RAM but Nero & Roxio can burn the same copy to multiple burners at the same time.

If you choose not to create an image in the HDD (even if temporary) you will have the information to be burnt either kept by memory or the swap file. Therefore, for you to let it in the RAM “buffer” the only thing required may be to have enough RAM available to receive it. If you have 2GB RAM and tell the machine you don’t want a HDD image, I believe you get the effect you want.

Just to add:
Look here for definitions:


Buffer: An section of RAM reserved for temporary storage of data waiting to be directed to a device.

So, this is more a matter of your RAM, drive and definitions about how to handle data than the burning software you’re using.

Nero calls their RAM buffer “super buffer” and it only allows up to 80MB to be buffered as far as I know. What I’m trying to do is to completely avoid HDD reads while i’m burning. I don’t know if any software will do that or not. Thanks for the info though.

You want to do “on the fly” copies? If so you will need a burner that will have a big enough buffer and the read/burn speed comes into play.

I’m probably not being to clear. What I’m trying to do is burn 4 copies of a single image on 4 different burners. The image is on the HDD. I want to be able to load the entire image into RAM when it burns because i’m having problems with HDD read speed. If anyone knows a burning program that’ll do that then that would be awesome. Thanks again.

Unfortunately the burning software authors probably do not have your scenario in mind when they write the application options.

Are you trying to record at 12-16x on each burner? Perhaps you need to slow the recording speed down, or else buy a dedicated duplicator with its own HDD…

How about setting up a RAMdrive for the temp image file??