Burning Software Not working well?

Hey i got nero 5.5 and the lite-on 40x flashed to 48x. but i have noticed that when am burning anything it takes a lot longer to burn…it used to burn a 700MB file in about 2:45-3:15 min. But now a days the buffer keeps on going down so it takes longer to burn…like 4:30 to 5:00. Like the software takes a lotta stops for buffer under run…

is this problem related to how much space i have on the computer…cause i have only a little space on my hard drive partitation.

I used to burn stuff before with a lotta stuff running without any problems…or buffer under run

acutally no that i think of it…all my burning apps are taking longer times to burn…is there anything i am missing here???

Is this a software problem or is this the problem of the burner hardware???


Clear some space on your HD, defrag it and make sure DMA is enabled (Windows can reset it by itself sometimes)

Ok i have DMA enabled…but on the recorder its Ultra DMA mode 0…and the other readers are Ultra DMA mode 2 does that make a difference…

also how much harddrive space should i keep free…right now i have about 1.5 GB left…

also its not like i am copying this stuff from a cd-rom. I am copying stuff right rom my hard drive…but it still is doing the buffer under run…

do you think it could be because i am running to many programs… i mean i used to run this many programs before but that never gave me any problems…??

Defrag your disk…
when in doubt burn from image (.nrg)…

thats work for me…

opening heavy program while burnig (excel etc.)
will drain your buffer real fast…:slight_smile:

Could be that.

I would try defragging it first, and also the DMa settings.
WindowsXP has a problem with automatically switiching the dma settings without you knowing it.

Make sure the antivirus program is shut down before you burn.

It happened to me too, since I flashed my 40x12x48 to 48x12x48 it now takes me about 7 to 10 min. to burn a music cd. Before the flash it took me at the most 3 min. I’m thinking of flashing back to 40x12x48 original firmware if I can find it. My burner was originally a Verbatim, and it was working perfectly until I flashed. So, now I’m looking for the original firmware for Verbatim, if anyone know where I can get it. I trayed Cendyne.com, and did a Google search for the firmware but, was unable to find it.

I agree with Flores. My previous bruner died on me prematurely after overclocking, with increased errors and occasional stalls.

If downgrading doesn’t help and you’ve isolated software problems (trythe burner in another machine / software install), you may have to return the burner.