Burning software for nec dvd rw 2510a?



Hello folks,
Just wanted to say hello to even one as I am a first time poster and ask your advice for this problem. I got a NEC DVD RW 2519A and I am trying (with no success) to burn dual layers with it. My drivers are all up to date but I was hoping some one would give me the name of a burning software program that is good for this burner.
Many thanks


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum; Make sure;

  1. Your drive is capable of burning DL disc

  2. Use only Verbatim DL media for burning

  3. Use DVD Decrypter for ripping and burning the DL DVD you are trying to copy.

Good Luck and Happy burning.


To burn with DVD Decrypter
you will also have to use DVD Shrink to compress and to use DVD Decrypter to burn with, DVD Decrypter will not burn by it’s self


Great thank you very much guys i shall give that ago, I knew this was the place to come!