Burning software change

I have just replaced my old CD burner with a new Lite-On 1693S. My old burning software is OEM Roxio Easy CD Creator. I was going to remove it before installing the Nero that came with the new drive, but the Roxio entry in the Control Panel Add/Remove doesn’t work. The Roxio site has a couple of methods for removing Easy CD Creator, but they also point you to a Microsoft Knowledge Base item that warns that removal of Easy CD Creator can mess up Windows XP and even lead to the need for a complete reinstall!

Should I chance a full removal of Easy CD Creator, or, can I just leave it there and go ahead and install Nero, also. Would they conflict with each other?

IMO, Nero is a lot better, you won’t need roxio
uninstall roxio, roboot, use a reg cleaner (ie; registry mechanic etc.), reboot, install nero

you can have them both installed with no conflicts…i used to have both on one of my machines but rid it of roxio after a reformat/reinstall of windows…

Totally agree :clap:

Me to. I am running them both on this machine right now. What I would stay away from is INCD and Drag to Disk. They have caused conflicts, not just with each other, but with other software as well.

Thanks to all for the help! :clap:

Actually, I would respectfully (but completely) disagree with most of the above responses. There are a LOT of people who have had problems trying to have both Roxio (certain versions) and Nero (the last three updates, since last fall) installed at the same time. Some versions of Roxio have some drivers that cause lost of problems with the latest versions of Nero, and this has been widely discussed on most of these forums. In fact, those same drivers can cause certain drivers used by the actual DVD burner to error out, usually with a false “illegal disc” error. Those people cannot burn at all, no matter the software, because Roxio is installed on their system – although it is not running at the time. Lite-On had a note at their web site about this. This is most common for those with Lite-on DVD±R Drives, by the way. But, a lot of others have had the Nero / Roxio conflict.

Do a search, you will find this discussed. I always advise trying to get rid of the Roxio (even though it can be a pain to completely unistall), for the above reasons. Yes, you MAY be okay. But, enough people have run into this conflict that you might be one of the afflicted.

For those interested, here is a thread discussing the conflicts with both Nero and DVDDecrypter as burnng tools:

Click here to visit details of the conflict, and how to uninstall

Sorry to be so disagreeable, but my friend had this conflict, and it cost him more than 40 straight DVD coasters before he learned of this. After he uninstalled his Roxio, he has had nine months of coaster-free bliss.


Nero 6.6 and Roxio Easy CD Creator 6.2 installed with no conflict here.

IMHO, it’s those folks who install BOTH Nero’s InCD and Roxio’s Drag-to-Disc (as seeker2 mentioned above) that encounter conflicts…don’t install either packet writing component of each suite and you should be fine…as i said before, i’ve burned several discs absolutely fine (with nero, roxio, decrypter, plextools, imgtool, etc etc.) with both installed at the time…

You may be correct, the problems may be limited to the “packet writing” software, although I know that Lite-On had a specific note about Nero software drivers causing “illegal disc” errors on burns for some of their models. And, I have seen two cases where DVDDecrypter could not burn because of this (both on Lite-On drives). I can no longer find that note.


To clarify…

From Nero’s web site:

• Driver conflicts - If you have or had any other CD recording software installed, please uninstall this software and remove any drivers it may have left behind. Roxio’s CD creator software and WinOnCD software are the most common programs that do this. But VOB’s software as well as RecordMax Now software also will do this on occasion.

When you install EasyCD Creatorâ„¢, the Roxioâ„¢ UDF Reader is installed as well. This driver could conflict with InCD 4 in that it prevents the user from getting full read-write access to InCD-formatted discs, only a read access is granted.
This conflict can be prevented by disabling the Roxioâ„¢ UDF Reader. This task has been made easy to achieve, thanks to this Roxioâ„¢ UDF Reader Control tool.
Its usage is extremely simple:

  1. Please run the RoxioUDFReaderControl.exe file.
  2. If the Roxioâ„¢ UDF Reader has been detected on the user’s system, it can either be enabled or disabled by accordingly checking or unchecking the avalaible checkbox, then clicking on [OK].
  3. Rebooting the system is necessary for the change to be taken into account (you only need to reboot when a change has been made).


From Roxio’s web site:
3. Remove any other Packet Writing Software
a. Click on “Start” and select “Control Panel”.

b. Double-click on “Add/Remove Programs” icon.

c. Look for any other CD Burning or Packet writing software such as:
• Ahead Nero / INCD
• Veritas RecordNow / DLA
• HP RecordNow
• Sonic MYDVD
If you locate any of the listed software please remove it from your computer then restart your PC.

And, I am not suggesting that everyone would be afflicted. Only some suffer from the conflicts. It can depend on a lot of things (as you can tell from the above notes), even including which version of Windows you might be running.


good info…if i’m not mistaken, i believe winxp’s cd burning engine is based on roxio’s packet writing software…i wouldn’t know if there are any conflicts with that as i’ve disabled that windows service :wink:

Thanks again for the comments. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Roxio removal problem?
“the Roxio entry in the Control Panel Add/Remove doesn’t work. The Roxio site has a couple of methods for removing Easy CD Creator, but they also point you to a Microsoft Knowledge Base item that warns that removal of Easy CD Creator can mess up Windows XP and even lead to the need for a complete reinstall!”

I would have to agree with BSpielbauer. I use to originally have Roxio and also installed Nero, after I bought my brand new Pioneer 109. In my instance the first 2 x burns worked well (using DVDshrink and Nero) and after that I had about 70 coasters out off about 75 burns. I had uninstalled Roxio, used regedit and then rebooted and still the same issue. Uninstalled and re-installed Nero and still nothing. I was about to throw the burner out. Now I just use DVDshrink and DVD Decrypter and have bypassed using Nero and have had no issues for about a month.