Burning software, audio CD with replay gain/normalization?



Is there any burning software out there that can burn audio CDs with volume normalization or replay gain? Best would be on the fly, but something that at least got the option to add one or the other is enough.

Thanks in advance.




That uses replay-gain right? But do i have to apply replay-gain before hand? In like Foobar2000 before i burn, or will that tool apply it will it’s burning?

Anyway, thanks =)


Actually, burrrn uses Wavegain to apply the gain change…If you want your CDs to be equally loud then make sure to tick the ReplayGain option “before hand”…
If it’s still not LOUD enough for you, there’s always the ‘Volume Knob’…


So if i tick the replay-gain in Burrrn it will automatically apply it before/while it burns?


There’s a ‘Settings’ tab within burrrn, use it to apply your target gain adjustment… AFAIK there’s no automagic anything ;)…
CD media is cheap, so, tick->burn-> play…Try it…You still have the original files if you’re not satisfied with the results…