Burning small video files on a CD burner



Im having trouble figuring out how to burn small video files on a CD burner (not a DVD burner) A friend of mine did it once but he dosent remember how he did it so…yeah. :o

do I need to change the file into a specific format? which one? and how?
the format of the file Im trying to burn reads (Windows Media™ Video File) is it possible? please help! :frowning:



Hi, zeroauu
You can use CDr to burn 3 formats of video discs: VCD, SVCD and miniDVD.
VCD is based on Mpeg1 video files.
Both SVCD and miniDVD are based on Mpeg2 compliant files - the same file format as a normal DVD.
The dif miniDVD/DVD is just the support - so a miniDVD is a DVD burnt to a CD, it can hold less than 20 minutes of video (lets say around 15-18).
If you use a computer to play the discs you will have no problem - just get a player that supports it, as winDVD.
Home player it is much more difficult
Support for VCD is common, a lot of player support SVCD and a few can play a miniDVD.
I bought a chinese made player, rebranded as “Denver” here that can do it. This was before DVD burners became the norm.
You can find a lot of packages to author these discs (the first I did use to produce miniDVD was Ulead VideoStudio, and by the time it had a DVD plug-in to burn yhe discs). Have a look at www.viedohelp.com and make a search on the formats. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of indications.

Apart from this, you have DivX and Mpeg4, that allow you to burn movies to CD using these compressed formats, that nowadays are said to offer a quality almost close to DVD. Look for them at videohelp too.


Thank you very much for the reply! :slight_smile:

it helped, but it made me a little confused also :confused:

I was searching around, and found some info saying that you can burn WMV to a VCD or convert it into a VCD?? something like that. Do you know something about that?

I burned my video clip files (WMV format) into a VCD with my CD burner, but all I got was a bunch of useless scripts and such. :Z makes no sense! :a do you think they dont work because I saved them into my computer after downloading them from Megaupload.com? :o


Try “Super” (10MB).
Handy little program can convert any format supported by your system into most common formats (including Mpeg1/Mpeg2 for VCD / SVCD respectively)

Might also need the “K-Lite Mega Codec Pack” (50MB) which will help with any other video formats you come across.


You have to look for a VCD authoring program that can support wmv file import.
Nero used to support it by the time VCD creation was still part of a plug-in, so it may still do it using Nero Vision application that comes with the full package (I don’t know if you can access it installing the demo).
Video editors like Ulead Video Studio, Magix or Pinnacle do it. Maybe Roxio does also.
And you have some freeware alternatives, but you can follow debro’s advice and/or to search in this forum guide section or at videohelp, as I don’t know it by heart.

  1. Convert to MPEG1/MPEG2 (mpeg2 looks better) using Super, or tmpgenc - both freeware.
  2. http://www.vcdgear.com/download.html - also freeware.
  3. imgburn - freeware.


Thanks for all your help everybody!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

I finaly got a VCD working! :clap: