Burning slows computer?

I have two main questions:

  1. Does burning slow down a computer considerably or can it be software or just specific components of a computer system/?

I have an AMD 64 with Socket 939 X2 4200+ CPU with 2 Gigs of DDR RAM. But, whenever I burn (usually using Nero), my computer slows down considerably and is barely usable. Can I upgrade anything or is this computer just maximized in its resources use?

I was considering buying an Intel P965 or P35 machine with E6750 cpu to do this work and leave my current computer to be my HTPC machine. Would that help?

  1. What do you prefer for A) converting avi to dvd and B) for general all-purpose DVD burning? I am currently using NERO but it is TERRIBLY slow. I don’t know if that’s just the burning process, my computer or partly due to Nero. I also would like to know how to burn a DVD to my hard drive using Nero or if someone thinks there is better software out there, I would like to learn what alternatives are good. Nero is still useful but I need to learn how to optimize it and use it better. I find it somewhat tricky to go through the menu for what I want to do.

Comments? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any assistance/replies.

Hi and Welcome,

it seems, as if your drives are not running in DMA mode. Please read here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

Probably no need to buy another computer :bigsmile:


I would have to agree with mciahel. I have the exact AMD as you with the same memory and there is no way it is slow at burning. Check the performance in the task manager and see what the CPU usage is.

Could you post a burn log from one of these burns but remove your serial # from the text?

Where do I find the burn log? Sorry, I plead ignorance here. I’m using Nero but I’ll try using any program someone recommends.

I changed my settings so DMA mode is enabled. I think there was only one or two that needed the change. I will check the cpu usage next burn, thanks.

Also, where should I post ‘which DVD burner should I buy’ posts? I wanted to ask about some.

Your Nero burn log should be in Program Files / Ahead / Nero / Nero History, if you are using 6.

You can post in the Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.) Forum here , but I would take some time to read a little first. Some members tend to be abrupt with the “what burner should I buy” questions where the poster didn’t make the effort to read a little first. The most important thing to post is what type of media you plan to use as individual burners are better with some over others.

If you plan to use Verbatim (Strong Recommendation) then the LG or Pioneer burners are very good. Keep your burn speed at 8X-12X and you should be fine.

From your first post it looks to me that you are trying to use computer to run other programs while burning. I would suggest not to do that, on top close any background running programs while burning specially antivirus and similar. They tend to slow down the process.
More so burning need steady stream of data and any hick up can ruin your burn.
Speed also depend on media you use, if Nero see that media is not responding to rated speed it will slow down burn.
Your processor and memory is definitely up to date, not the latest but good.
You can also try to get ImgBurn (free), if that will do better job for you.