Burning slideshow as vcd

Hi all, brand new here :bow:

When i had windows ME and nero ver 5.0 (i think) i could create a vcd slideshow by dragging jpegs. played fine on a standalone dvd player. managed to get up to 1980 pics on a cd.

Now i have windows XP on same pc, 256 MB sdram and nero 6. when i try to do the same thing i run out of virtual memory at less than halfway and the program crashes. This is burning only around 180 MB worth of files (100 jpegs at about 2meg each).

I can burn music dvd video compilations of >4 GB with dvd shrink no problem so i’m really confused.

can anyone help :confused:

try to do update on ur nero 6 …i hope its help …i understand how annoying it is sometime running out of memory…so usually i will just turn off my firewall and antivirus when i burn movies,music or stuff …it gonna go smoothly …of course disconnected from the net first before u close ur firewall and antivirus :expressionless:

Open up task manager and check out how much memory nero is using and you move along it will allow you to monitor if virtual memory really is the problem or something else…

Thanks guys, think i might try a reinstall, although i think nero 6 & XP pro dont get along too well.