Burning Single Sided Dual Layer Dvd Help!



I am about to burn my first single sided dual layer disc. I have a few questions though.

This is what I am using:
Software: Adobe Encore 1.5.1
Burner: NEC 3520A (NO firmware update yet)


  1. What type of DVD-R do I need to use, DVD+R9 or DVD-R9?
  2. Will my burner be able to perform this job?
  3. My DVD is a totally interactive DVD, will I notice the Layer break?


1, For compatibility a DVD+R9 should be used, most stand alone DVD players will not be able to play a -R DL disc.

2, While your burner is certainly capable of doing this task, the media you choose is also important. I would recommend Verbatim MKM001 for the NEC drives. Updating to the latest firmware may also be a wise thing to do. Also make sure BookType is set as DVD-ROM.

3, Assuming Adobe Encore is capable of authoring a DVD+R DL compliant file set, then you shouldn’t notice the layer break, perhaps a slight glitch as it changes layers