Burning Sims



I’M having trouble burning ,look at copy games don’t understand what too do with it , i downloaded golden hawk still having trouble with it.


the sims has safedisk protection. it really depends what burner you have. if you have one that is compatible (reply and say wich model you have) download blindwrite suite at www.blindwrite.com and use raw reading mode and burn it in raw-dao mode. if you have more questions email me at juliencomputer@hotmail.com.

good luck


Or (again if your burner supports it) go for CloneCD which can easily copy SafeDisc… Just enable “Fast Error Skip” and hit copy :slight_smile:

Ps The program you’re referring to in your post isn’t called “Golden Hawk” but CDRWin, created by Golden Hawk Technologies. Just for your info :wink:


clonecd is the best!!