Burning Sims 2



I am tryign to back-up my The Sims 2 game and when I use CD Copy on Nero it says that the game is copywrited, which I did expect. I also tryed to use CloneCD that also did not work. Is there somthing that I could use to burn this game? or would it be possible to turn this game into .img or .iso files or somthing and then just burn them like that? Thanks in advance


I think the Sims is copy protected by SafeDisc 3.20.020. So Nero isn’t going to copy it. Proably using either ConeCD or Alcohol with the SafeDisc 1 profiel will be the best option. This however depends on your drive. Can you post the make a model of it.

.img files are useless for this protection. ISO are just as bad.