Burning shutdown



Hi, I’m new to this. I’ve been trying to burn DVDs on my computer and it gets as far as transcoding the first episode then turns the computer off.
Can anyone help me with this problem?


Eventually we might be able to help, but we’ll be shooting in the dark unless you help us a bit.

We need to know the original format of the film…is it avi, mp4, or an original dvd that you own? You said first episode, so is this a multi-episode dvd, or simply many videos put together into a compilation?

Second, we need to know what program you are using to “transcode” the film.

Third on the list…what burning program are you using?

Next, we need to know the make and model burner you have, what disks you are using, and the speed setting as you attempt to burn.

To get a lot of this information, download Nero CD/DVD Speed, examine the blank disk in the drive and tell us the Manufacturer ID code of the disk (mid code). Nero will also tell us the make and model drive. http://www.cdspeed2000.com/

By the way, I have no idea why the program is turning the computer off entirely unless you’ve told it to shut down at the end of transcoding.


Check your CPU temps, babe.


Check your CPU temps, babe.

Amen. Dust Bunnies in the heatsink is my guess…