Burning shows from computer to dvd?

I have downloaded several episodes of Dr. Who to my computer and would like to burn them to dvd to watch on my big screen t.v. can anyone tell me how to do this or what I need to be able to do this? I have a dvd burner and Clone dvd software but will clone dvd do this? I have only used it to back up my personal dvds so far.

What format are they downloaded as? Knowing what format your using would figure out what software or program you need. But this forum is for CloneCD only image iso or image.

Aren’t the episodes of Dr Who copyrighted in any way? I will close this thread for now, deedd57 please read our forum rules regarding warez related information. If by any means I have been mistaken in any way regarding this issue, please feel free to PM me and tell me about it.